Here are the resources that have been made available by the conference speakers...


Krista Seiden, Google

Krista's Digital Debrief Blog
Google Analytics 360 Suite Website
Google Analytics 360 Suite Announcement Blog Post

Benjamin Mangold, Loves Data

Benjamin's Conference Presentation [PDF]
18 Calculated Metrics Blog Post
PII Viewer Chrome Extension

Elisa Koch, LinkedIn

LinkedIn Economic Graph

Tim Wilson, Web Analytics Demystified

Tim's Conference Presentation [PDF]

Michael David, Internetrix

Michael's Conference Presentation [PDF]

Mikko Piippo, Hopkins

Mikko's Conference Presentation [PDF]

Jeff Sauer, Jeffalytics

Jeff's Conference Resources

Michael Yates, ABC

Michael's Conference Presentation [PDF]
ABC Developer Blog

Aurélie Pols, Krux

Aurélie's Conference Presentation [PDF]

Andrej Boleslavský, Independent artist

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